Return Policy


Return Policy: All returns must be done in writing or by email or facsimile. Damaged parts must be returned at the expense of the purchaser for the Company to inspect. Shipping charges will be reimbursed if and only if a part was damaged or unfit when sold. Under certain circumstances we authorize a third party to examine the damaged part only if we provide purchaser with written approval and it shall be used in a limited capacity with zero return or refund amount given nor implied.

All returns are for store credit only, no cash refunds unless part is damaged in transit and the shipper pays a claim directly to Weekend Rides LLC. All returns or claims must be made within 30 days of purchase. In certain circumstances we may at our discretion extend the time limit of a warranty period if we know it was a long term customer or was used on a long term project vehicles. ANY shipping damage claims must be done within 3 days of receipt of the part. After 30 days shipping claim damage is specifically denied. A restocking fee may be assessed at out discretion in the amount of 25 (twenty five) percent of the sale amount.

All used engines are warrantied specifically by miles we acquire them at if so noted on title, or odometer in that particular vehicle. We represent engine leak down numbers, which we test cold only. Normal wear and tear are non-negotiable. ALL Transaxles are sold as is unless we rebuild or tear down unit completely. Transaxles are sold with a 1 year 12,000 mile warranty only if rebuilt by the Company in-house. All used and non-rebuilt transaxle sales are considered a core regardless of external condition, miles or ownership history and NO returns other than shipping damages will be accepted. NONE.

No returns on any type of electrical parts including switches, relays, and climate control units, ABS brains or any gauge. All DME are tested by Weekend Rides LLC and are signed by our dismantlers, dated and represented as working on that date with no further representations.

Custom body cuts including ANY LARGE SIZE USED Porsche body panel, custom removed or sawed off body section, body frame, roof section, fender, door, bumper, aprons, sills, rocker panels, including ANY convertible top assembly or ANY used Porsche cabrio top frame, are non-returnable once an order has been placed or if the larger items was removed from a used Porsche for shipping. Any large used Porsche parts or components purchased specifically for a particular customers in the event we do not have it are NOT RETURNABLE FOR ANY REASON unless damaged in transit.

Body panels are considered to need paint and dent repair no matter how small or invisible a scratch may or not be noticeable. Any body parts may have hidden prior bodywork or repair repaints, we try our best to ensure good panels, but some may escape our scrutiny.

All vehicles are sold in STRICT accordance with PA DMV law, vehicle ID numbers and miles will be provided upon request only. NO RETURNS ON SPECIAL ORDER ITEMS. We do not prepay shipping nor packaging expenses to return any parts. International shipments may not qualify for any warranty and delivery confirmation may not be available. ANY engine or transaxle opened up internally diagnosed disassembled, heads removed, gears removed, or with any parts removed except to facilitate shipping unequivocally void the warranty and no further adjustments will be made.

Any electronic payments or credit card information provided us by customer in their absence or entered on our website or given to us over a secure telephone line shall constitute a signed agreement to ALL our terms and conditions outlined above and contained herein. We are
not in any way responsible and do not encourage the email of your credit card information. It will only be accepted by telephone or through our website directly.

In the event of any disputes from any sale of a vehicle or any used part occur, or in the event of litigation commence proceedings are initiated by acceptance of our Terms And Conditions all parties with any disputes are mutually agreed to be bound by agreement and under Pennsylvania law to have occurred in Lackawanna County Pennsylvania which is the legal Venue and Legal Jurisdiction of venue, sale, the location of our facility, the pick-up origin, payment place, banking facility, offices, parts and vehicle storage, and location of the point of sale processing equipment.

This notice or terms and conditions is attached to our website and is standard on all electronic invoices.